About Me

I’m not Supermom.

As I write this, my floor is covered in dirt and toys, my kitchen sink is full of dishes, my preschooler is out somewhere with her dad, and my baby is eating a piece of paper.

So who am I?

I’m a mom all the time, although I spend a lot of that time looking forward to the day when all my kids are in school. I’m also a wife all the time, although I often forget that I love my husband like crazy and get mad at him because he didn’t finish the dishes. I’m a writer when my kids are sleeping, or when they’ll entertain themselves long enough for me to get on my computer. I almost never clean the house, I hate cooking, and I don’t have pets. I do have a group of mom friends who are the greatest mama tribe you can imagine, and they’ve taught me everything I know. My superhero power is that I can get middle schoolers to do anything, although I haven’t tested this on my kids yet. (They’re not old enough. Ask me in ten years.) And I’ve had a lifelong crush on Spiderman.

If you love my writing, you should hire me to write for you.

Or you could just read more of my blog posts at Organic Baby Atlanta.